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21 October 2010

Not ready

A great nation flows down
To be the world's pool,
The female under heaven
Tien hsia chih p'in

In stillness
The female constantly overcomes the male,
In stillness
Takes the low place.

Therefore a great nation
Lowers itself
And wins over a small one.

A small nation
Keeps itself low
And wins over a great one.

Sometimes becoming low wins,
Sometimes staying low wins.

A great nation desires nothing more
Than to unite and protect people.
A small nation desires nothing more
Than to enter the service of people.

When both get what they wish
The great one should be low.

Tao The Ching, 61. (Stephen Addiss & Stanley Lombardo translation)

2 October 2010


Sinto informar que nos próximos dois meses postarei com menos frequência, pois estou terminando o meu livro e outras coisinhas mais.

Obrigada aos seguidores :).