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26 September 2011

Circe's Memories

Folded blankets of hay
to undo nature
In the way to North
Blinds in daylight-
unfolding brown sable fur.

The fool
the only, the many
- uncountable names,
silver-white arms at nighttime

Dafne set sail
after the sun,
Elliptical wind–
deepening bough-thoughts
so sky can meet with fire
within humming.

And when and within waves
only men faithful to their ship
Her bore.
The powerful [well]-she
Blind on land.

The fool’s lost his eyes
washed away by the lady’s linen
eyes of sun.

the sky
clothed with ground
The marriage of life and death –
measured with ancestors
By fire and stone.

All the past deeds washed away
by the sun movement
And the fool
in means of justice
breaks into war and peace.

Please, Bind fire Eyes!
The dusky meadows forgive
the fool’s deeds
And the sun
makes no memory of the fool
in its birth.


-I'm trying :-)

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