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19 October 2011

Melancholia by Von Trier

From the prologue videos I have seen in Youtube I could have a glimpse of how sad it must be to watch Melancholia. And I don't know if I would like to. If I may compare, it seems to me as a narrative story of the twilight Time; experienced even if for a brief moment as the end of all life and the routine by us the observers, of the light movement and the surreal and artificial colours of the plants, flowers and everything surrounding us in that moment. The melancholia of the observer exploited to the most and without that other pairing feeling of excitement that comes to you in the first time you see the lights at the twilight, which is so wonderful.

Like in Antichrist, our minds feeling the reality as a dream. And that dream movement as if walking in muddy air.

Here is a video:



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