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25 February 2012


Ricordare - Ennio Morricone
Lyrics: "Remembering remembering is like dying a little bit now you know it because everything comes around even if you don't want to and forgetting and forgetting is harder now you know it is harder if you want to start over remembering remembering like a dive into the sea remembering remembering what must be erased and forgetting and forgetting is how you lose dear things and forgetting and forgetting rare joys will end and forgetting and forgetting is how you lose dear things."

14 February 2012

Two videos

Villa-Lobos - O Canto do Cisne Negro

Uakti - I Ching (Complete)

11 February 2012

Breath fragments


After breathing,
one only focuses on one's breath.
Eternally, wind breaths water and makes a third of no mirror.


Her life took the breath of reading one book.
Her loss took the time of concentrating on her breath.
All the land is extension of her young and tired feet.

Population of feet

and danger of mountains.
Silk style of water
over-flowing to find trees and stones.


8 February 2012

Dança... :)

Relief thoughts

The worst executioner is the kindest of them.

In our present society, goodness and peace are misunderstood. That's how the powerful minority enslave the majority of people, who thinking of peace allows their now "owners" to get into their lives and privacy as if it is very natural. These faceless executioners create a group and are generous and kind to make people more and more dependent on them. To be attached financially, by debit, is the worst fate that one can be dragged into. It's a silent slavery, where the apparent politeness and kindness are the fetters in our feet. Peace is not mute, unchangeable and neither kind nor unkind. Peace is not bringing more people to your group of trust. In peace there is no trust (so no one takes advantage of another), and in the endurance of no-trust we all trust each other.

Learning how to be kind to be unkind.


4 February 2012


[System of steel]

Score of steel; not of bones.

For each life, an instrument of immortality:


Fragment translated from my book Maria da Graça, Terra dos nomes perdidos.