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15 November 2012


It looks apparent that Europe is trying to change the present government structure from the sudden, without any regard for their democracy, to balance the market loss of the last decades. The situation in Spain is looking pathetic to the eyes of the world spectators, seeing such a poor way of government handling people's protest. A country considered by many as a First World one. A country where the basic human rights and political rights to protest is now being considered and named terrorism. Let me now ask, what is terrorism really? Is this word becoming the present fashion for government to name witches? Are we going to burn witches now? As we did in our primitive times of puritanism and cleric aristocratical interests.

I can see the powerful people losing millions and private banks. And the reason for this problem is said to be because of the socialist structure of Europe, the public healthcare especially and the people who suck the money from the government for living on benefits. The people are having too much from the market share it seems.

I can see the problems in the British public healthcare indeed: where the immunity and accommodation of the (powerful) work-positions is becoming a snowball of mediocrity and corruption. Where the "poor" and/or immigrant people in lower positions, like care assistants for example, are treated with disregard and prejudice. Mostly when the same "poor" and immigrant people are more efficient and intelligent than the mediocre people in power; these low people are paid with suffering for such an offense to their mind health.

In regards to benefit, I also can see the problem. Where people from high medium class live on benefits from the government when they really don't need it.

We live still in a world of mass marketing and ideologies like the one tested for the first time by Fascism, Nazism, Communism propaganda and Coca-Cola. However at present, it is not only a world of harmless product selling marketing that surrounds us, as we think, but also a marketing for country market position and status. UK is not anymore what it used to be, and it may sound funny, but a James Bond film: Skyfall acknowledges that very well.

I don't know what is to come, but I must admit I feel myself a spectator of a Europe breaking down, and not to rise for a long time. Unfortunate times to the Northern hemisphere. I hope I'm wrong though.

Karinna A. Gulias