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6 October 2013

Matsuo Basho - translations

Pond – frog jumps-in – ancient splash

Translation by K. A. Gulias

On a withered branch
A crow has alighted:
Nightfall in autumn.

Translation by Donald Keene

Moonlight slanting
through the bamboo grove;
a cuckoo crying.

Translation by Robert Hass


Moonlight seeps-through  – long bamboo grove – cuckoo's cry

Translation by K. A. Gulias

Lightening  – 
Heron's cry
Stabs darkness

Translation by Lucien Stryk

So still . . .
into the rocks it pierces,
the cicada-shrill.

Translation by Harold G. Henderson


seeping into the rocks,
cicada's cry

Translation by Barnhill


Still-ness – in temple rocks  cicada’s trill

Translation by K. A. Gulias

22 August 2013


'The flag makes its way through filth-ridden lands, and our dialect muffles the pulse of the drums.
'In the interior, we shall feed the fires of cynical prostitution. We shall meet justifiable revolt with massacre.
'So -- to the dark, dank lands of spices! In the name of the most craven industrial and military exploitation.
'Goodbye to this place, anywhere will do. We're willing conscripts. We take an implacable line. We know nothing of science but we’re gluttons for rest and recreation. The world and its notions can crawl off and die. This is progress – the real thing. Forward, march!’

From Arthur Rimbaud’s Illuminations; translated by Jeremy Harding and John Sturrock

12 July 2013

Thaw by Víctor Rodríguez Núñez

"un par de lunas ásperas
sin el roce de la respiración
horas que tratan de levantar vuelo
pero caen a plomo
sus plumas coloradas en un círculo
pulsado por la tos
sus acerados trinos reverberam
zanjan el firmamento
las flanelas se anudan
sin el peso de una madre celosa"

"a pair of jagged moons
missing breath's light stroke
hours have a go at flight
but fall plumb
their reddish feathers in a circle
set by cough
their steely birdsong echoes
trenches the sky
flannel in knots
without the weight of a devoted mother"

"solstício de verano
                            por qué no echas los naipes?
la casa pedregosa
                            sin leche en la ventana
vapores de silencio
el profundo esplendor
de la amargura que toma el jardín
con la primera nieve
bastos de la razón
                            espadas que rebrotan"

"summer solstice
                          why not deal the cards?
stony house
                  no milk on the windowsill
fumes of silence
the intense splendor
of bitterness the yard takes on
with the first snow
clubs of reason
                       spades sprouting"

                       lunar el mundo
un caballo sin riendas en la bruma
no se aparece en vano
aquí todo es tangente
                                dulcemente geométrico
sótano en que despunta
el último teorema
ese caballo impar que pasta frío
es algo má que gracia"

"te abres suavemente
con una precisión que toma siglos
de nostalgia borrar

"you open softly
with a precision that takes centuries
of nostalgia to erase

Poems by Víctor Rodríguez Núñez and translation by Katherine M. Redeen

18 June 2013

O Brasil é nosso

The politicians have forgotten that the Planalto is ours, Rio de Janeiro is ours and BraSil is ours, not theirs.

Photos taken on 16/17 June 2013

19 April 2013

The evolution of the meaning of beauty

Νόμος (law) -> ὁδὸν (the way) + ὀδόντων (teeth)
-> καλῇ (good) -> κάλλος (beauty, good)

Lake over lake

A bird will find superficiality
Before law finds its way

Three palms are opening
One writes in the past

Karinna A. Gulias

25 March 2013

Poetry International Festival Rotterdan

Great news! I've been selected for this year Poetry International Festival Rotterdan.
 -> Go to Festival's Main Page

For the 44th time in a row, Poetry International brings you a selection of the best poets from all over the world for an annual poetry spectacle in the Rotterdam municipal theatre. Join us from the 11th through the 15th of June as we journey through distant cultures and tell amazing stories, bringing you beautiful poems in a wonderful diversity of languages, as well as film, music, interviews, master classes and more.

19 March 2013

From a whale's breath, the sky as deep as the sea

This is a very beautiful video. I have brought this video more for the image than for the song, although the song is quite pleasant.  

14 February 2013

A Wind in Their Way

Branch Chambers pt​.​1 - by Sean McCann

11 February 2013

The Reader

This is a Great movie and a great script. It makes you think a lot about the power of interpreting and reading (and Hermeneutics). Most of the worst deeds of human kind or of individuals have happened for a simple problem concerning interpretation of text (or of life around us), and our conscience of its importance. It is not ethics and morals only --they are not a truth set in stone, unchangeable. But how we read our moment into a bigger context is our biggest problem.
We can still see the same horrible consequences of poor interpretation happening every day before us.

16 January 2013

My friends, please, sign this petition to save the Indigenous Museum in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil.

Our narrow-minded and corrupt governor (Sérgio Cabral) wants to demolish our historical and cultural heritage to build a parking lot for the Olympic Games.