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13 February 2014

Political Propaganda -- The World's Misery

I do not understand. Since when advertising pretty lies about your country to the world became more important than fighting for social equality and better quality of life?

The Brazilian people are politically and rightfully fighting against the World Cup and the Olympic Games. Many are even trying to boycott the World Cup. And to me it is also fair. There are priorities that must be accounted for. Brazil is not in a good position to hold any World Cup YET. The World Cup and the Olympic Games do not bring profit to anyone but the people already in power and investors. 

Why are people from the USA or UK or wherever complaining about the Brazilians for badmouthing their country?

Most of the Brazilians do not give a shit about the world's view of our country. Do you know why? Because they are used to poverty, physical and political violence and corruption making a misery of their lives; Brazilians are used to the first world countries taking advantage of our weaknesses and making profit on them. Thus Brazilians are used to and tired of the manipulating power of the media, the devastating power of politicians, and thus tired of the World's lies and machinery of destruction for the sake of POWER. Many Brazilians do not care about investors because they cannot see one; do not care about Brazil's economic power because they do not have money, a house or a good job; do not care about tourists because their own country do not care about them. We are all tired of political lies and propaganda with no other interest but to attract investments. It is all meaningless to us, as much meaningless as the present world's economic crisis. Brazilians are TIRED...

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