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6 October 2013

Matsuo Basho - translations

Pond – frog jumps-in – ancient splash

Translation by K. A. Gulias

On a withered branch
A crow has alighted:
Nightfall in autumn.

Translation by Donald Keene

Moonlight slanting
through the bamboo grove;
a cuckoo crying.

Translation by Robert Hass


Moonlight seeps-through  – long bamboo grove – cuckoo's cry

Translation by K. A. Gulias

Lightening  – 
Heron's cry
Stabs darkness

Translation by Lucien Stryk

So still . . .
into the rocks it pierces,
the cicada-shrill.

Translation by Harold G. Henderson


seeping into the rocks,
cicada's cry

Translation by Barnhill


Still-ness – in temple rocks  cicada’s trill

Translation by K. A. Gulias