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9 May 2023

The Rhythm Thief

Uma menção sem importância

Uma menção sem importância.

Que ao fundo do buraco da terra,
Volteie todas as sombras do céu,
Perfumadas de luz e acrescentadas de

Menciona-te na tua morte.
Uma vida quase perfeita, numa identidade alheia.
E Vergonhas que organizar.

Porque nem eu e nem tu somos mais que um passo.
Mesmerizado por um segundo.

De Karinna Alves Gulias

Such Is the Story Made of Stubbornness and a Little Air - by Ilya Kaminsky

Such is the story made of stubbornness and a little air—
a story signed by those who danced wordless before God.
Who whirled and leapt. Giving voice to consonants that rise
with no protection but each other’s ears.
We are on our bellies in this quiet, Lord.

Let us wash our faces in the wind and forget the strict shapes of
Let the pregnant woman hold something of clay in her hand.
She believes in God, yes, but also in the mothers
of her country who take off their shoes
and walk. Their footsteps erase our syntax.
Let her man kneel on the roof, clearing his throat
(for the secret of patience is his wife’s patience).
He who loves roofs, tonight and tonight, making love to her and to
    her forgetting,
let them borrow the light from the blind.
There will be evidence, there will be evidence.
While helicopters bomb the streets, whatever they will open, will
What is silence? Something of the sky in us.

From Deaf Republic. Copyright © 2019 by Ilya Kaminsky. Poem taken from: https://poets.org/poem/such-story-made-stubbornness-and-little-air

17 January 2023

Relationship in a male circle

 A relationship between a woman and a man is a relationship between a woman and the world. Every step into that bond means that a social group will overpower her individuality, because she will never be seen as an equal, in spite of the actual progressive trend in the world politics.

A male partner with more power, being that social, financial, professional or even emotional, will always try to control the power of his female partner, and this will mostly be accomplished with the help of his surroundings and acquaintances. Professional referrals, favours, buddy groups, networking. All of these supposedly meritocratic or friendly acts are but means of control or a tool for power struggle.

There are women in these groups too. They also can be the buddy in a group without realising the harm she is causing to herself. Many women live sleepwalking in life and projecting her dreams onto a path of delusions. There is no worst enemy to a woman than naivety.

The reality is that a woman will never be able to truly detach herself from a man, unless he wants it to. Because the world helps him.

13 January 2023

Pinky promise


To any finger pointing at me in this world
I promise to relive the ghost of dust. It’s piling up. Unnoticed.

I promise to label myself. Movables.
Furniture scratching the floor.
The memories of a language I used to like,
But I never experienced it. I drank alone
With eyes watching me.
Unmoving. Uninterested. Destabilizing quietness of mind.

I rejected competitive invitations every day. Without a friend.
I turned my inside out. But it’s not seen. Thankfully or not.

The joy of being one and only in one world or many.

Maybe I’ll invite a child. As darkness is coming near.

By Karinna Alves Gulias

12 December 2022

24 October 2022

Struggle for Pleasure

 Direct link: https://youtu.be/lO2LDx8Iagc

"Muitos creem que ser feliz é gostar de viver no fausto. Ser feliz é simplesmente sanidade e paz mental. Só; nada mais. É uma busca primordial, mais do que criar prosperidade ou propriedade. A realidade é ambivalente e as pessoas não fazem sentido. São demasiado turvas, especialmente depois que passam dos 30. Redigi-la-ia, a realidade. Verifico o me ser, só. Vazia. Na vastidão de uma baleia eu me perco outra vez, mas me sinto mais feliz." Citação do meu conto inédito Areal.

De Karinna Alves Gulias

12 September 2022

Tijuca, assobiador

Não sei ser lugar.
Não sei ser tempo.
Vôo por sobre os mares,
gentil, talvez retorcido pela desgraça da raiva que me persigue.
O cinismo da dor desprezada. Ouvir sempre o passado:
    aquele que vivi e 
    aquele que sonhava um furuto sem perdas.

A perda de uma mãe que foi, a política
    da reconquista da minha alma dispersa. 
Num mundo sem força vital, de perfis bidimensionais. Uma mãe que é.

Vilipendiar o mundo -- holografar a luz 
para viver constantemente no medo. Eu tento constantemente
    fugir do medo.

Viver é consentir a morte. Um gerûndio simples, pertubardor.

De Karinna A. Gulias

12 July 2022

Daniel Rossen - Tangle

Direct link: https://youtu.be/3pSzBO9LIpI

17 May 2022

Meu primeiro conto

Os convido a visitarem a revista online Mallarmargens para ler o meu primeiro conto alí publicado: "Objetos da gravidade".

Segue abaixo o link:

22 April 2022

Midas - Tanxugueiras

 Original link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjCeKRoGS8s

9 March 2022

The compassion of Europe has colour

Compassion for the white,
Compassion for the black,
Compassion for the Christians ,
Compassion for the Muslims...
Double standards. Hypocritical.

When institutions only work for their equals and do not treat others in the same way, they only create fear and instigate political polarization in society. There is no real justice in a world without true compassion and without prejudices. 

In all this mediatic, political approach to recognize and welcome Ukrainian immigrants quickly, and even though we agree, what we see deep down in our souls are the masks falling: the biased interpretation of reality that we live in and a dreadful actualization of Europe's systematic racism.

Karinna Alves Gulias 

18 February 2022

Man world

I'm tired. Tired of this exposed and repetitive civility of men, or might I say personal, social marketing. This fake idea of social and political progression and, thus of this individualistic and workaholic, male world. I'm tired of trying to constantly be equal to men. Why should I own anything to anyone else, apart from doing good and respecting others? I want to be me, only me. Hoping for an inclusive world for the children who are to be. A world of all.

Why would I want to be like men, if not even them know who they are themselves? They created a nonsensical, shallow and unfulfilling society, based on empty concepts of honour and dignity. Shallow concepts that do not stand that much anymore in order to give space to an economical institution that only destroys and creates conceptual riches to the victors. Their market is as metaphysical as their own god. Male.

A whole gender can only be mysterious in a world of imbalance. How can you stand on only one foot? To add to the foolishness they have even removed the stick of their elderly from their daily life. A world which stands on one foot relying solely on the youth to keep on. Balancing on one foot until discarded by old age, like an incomparable winner, "forever young" and stricken with Alzheimer.

We have to survive in a world of exceptions and marginalization, as if it was a Darwinist theory made true that is constantly defended in our rhetoric as pragmatism. A biased pragmatism. The ones who see through the crack of the door, can only see what they see... And we all see like this.

An unfulfilling life should be a good enough reason to change things, but we tend to accommodate ourselves to what appears to be the easy way, the preconceived way. But it isn't but tiring. So tiring. All for the sake of tradition, nationality and whatever other reaffirming, mummifying idea in the name of human history, tribal identity and immortalization of the past.

It's a boring and cynic world we built to live in, while we are surrounded by beauty and empowering images that we take for granted. We struggle every day to make our living, while everything around us is given. It's our chosen life of beggars repeating over and over again to match the suffering of a martyr which shades any variation of life to shame or discredit. We also make beggars out of  the animals. And we look at them, looking for scraps of food in our cities, with arrogant disdain.

Hoping for a world of all, I pray for the end of the delusional and unfulfilling paradigm of the victor.

Karinna Alves Gulias

17 January 2022


Darei ou dei
O melhor dos meus talentos?

As vibrações do céu e seus esfumaçantes
Se veem.

Esquento as mãos na luz e seus raios
reproduzindo frequentemente o presente em presente.
Continuação da história.

Agora é parado
Agora é removendo
Agora é ficar

O medíocre medido
Sem arrependimentos.

Eu dou 
sem arrancar nada.

De Karinna Alves Gulias 

11 January 2022


Tubérculo, gengibre, atado
Estirados os braços ao corte
Aceito o 
Aquilo que foi desenterrado
     -- a justiça dos que não abrem a boca.

Os curtos momentos de adaptação 
AAAAAAA vida cúbica 
      de estar.

Eu ensino a língua mãe e 
Outra estranha ao filho. Enriquecido de estranheza. Ele vira a cara, de perfil, com a luz refletida. E mastiga.

De Karinna Alves Gulias 

1 January 2022

planta alta

A bengala da guerra
       um saber minhoca

Bengala de noite
        uma escuridão de sonhos esquecendo-se

Se convencer ao céu é crer, um titã nasce em cada perfil notívago. Um sino parado. Soa assim, de novo em espaços distintos
        um alto-falante de políticas.

Minha saúde vibra
        Sem esforço não dura.
Nada dura sem esforço
         muito menos o engenho

Karinna Alves Gulias 

26 August 2021

The mediocre that opens up for growth

even if it is
in mediocrity

even if it is

even if it is
for a fungus that grows all over your body

without ads and apps

If she is loud
is because she's looking for

By Karinna Alves Gulias 

17 August 2021

O que são essas pessoas?

Aquela terra, lama de cobrir
Os corpos que passam a ficar duros
Se lê ao revés da voz. 

Aquela voz canônica sem silêncios. Do homem 
Acima de tudo.
__Acima da luz e da noite, mas iluminado.
__Acima do bem e do mal, mas bom.

Ao soar dos sinos politicos
Encontramos a surdez. 

É tão simples:

Encontrar a validez das passas. Uma imutabilidade aparente no futuro,
sem importar o passado. 

A condição humana é uma fragilidade 
       e uma paranóia--
       Humanidade e vaidade: brilham para si mesmos.

De Karinna Alves Gulias 

2 June 2021