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22 July 2015


Guri belo com pele de barro
Amontoado sobre a terra respirava tranquilo.

Humilde no andar
Buscava água no poço
Balançava os braços,
À procura de apressar o tempo.

Seu tempo de traduzir pássaros
Nos lábios turbulentos,
Criava buracos de minhocas ao redor.
Contornos de minhocas;
Tamanhos de minhocas.

Presente fosse ouvir.

Karinna A. Gulias

Publication soon

I'm soon to publish my second book of poems, in English. Some of the poems can be found in my blog, and have already been published in the Poetry International Festival Rotterdam (2013), and in Beagle #22 (2014), Japan.

17 July 2015

Some thoughts on interpretation and value 2 -- the ways of aesthetics

Out of... we cannot be out of aesthetics! But can we overcome the judgmental ways of aesthetics? Most certainly. Leave your critique to the small things of vanity; that may be style. A beautiful woman or man, today, may not be so beautiful after a few more hours. Beauty can also be found in the depths of the ordinary.

K. A. Gulias